Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kaleb has been tagged

Here are 10 interesting things about Kaleb:

1. He loves to play with chapstick and my perfume. SHHHHH don't tell Daddy!!!
2. He loves to eat Sundried Tomato Gerber Crunchies and he will eat the whole can in one sitting.
3. He loves his mama and doesn't want her out of his sight. What will we do when baby Kamden joins the scene??
4. If he doesn't like you he will tell you, and you may even get hit. We are working on this!!!!
5. He loves to play basketball and will tell you he is a b-ball player. Watch out UK and EKU!!!
6. Kaleb loves to sing and pretend like he is playing the piano.
7. Kaleb has very long fingers that people are always commenting on.
8. He loves to help around the house.
9. Kaleb loves to read and color.
10. He loves to be tickled!!!!

I think that this has pretty much made its way around. If you haven't been tagged go ahead and consider yourself tagged. Enjoy!!!


Our Family of 5 said...

Too funny! Sophia loves chapstick too, but the only one that gives in to her and gives it to her is my sister =)

Christina said...

I have to second the chapstick comment...Aiden calls it bluh bluh for some weird reason.
Thought of you when we passed your area on the way to and back from TN.

Carrie said...

Cute tidbits. Savannah can do a pretty good job on a can of Gerber Lil' Crunchies too. They are good (have you tasted them?). It is fun to sit and think about what are kids do, like, etc.

Savannah is the same way about Mama. I can't leave the room or go to the bathroom or get something in the garage or anything. She is not ready to share mama yet, so it is a good thing our adoption will take about a year.

Debbie B said...

Very cute. Those long fingers would be great for piano lessons.

Soltana said...

Love #5!!! Go figure:)

He's too darn cute....