Thursday, March 6, 2008

A bit of news!!!!

Pauline called the agency yesterday and wanted them to let me/us know that she is doing great and that the baby is moving around lots. She also said for me not to worry!!! That meant alot as this is such a different experience compared to Kaleb's adoption. Tomorrow is the big day and my girl radar keeps going off. With Kaleb God let me know exactly when he was born. No one believed me until we got the referral and everything was exact. I could be wrong about this but I think we are having a girl. Like I have said before we just want a healthy baby, the gender is not a big deal. This child will be such a blessing like Kaleb!!!
Tim thinks that we have too many pictures on our hard drive. I will keep trying. I got some cute pics this morning of Kaleb primping with all my stuff on the vanity. He even put on some perfume. Tim will die when he finds out. He already says that Kaleb is around me way too much!!! You gotta love it!!!


Christina said...

LOL Aiden too likes to have my perfume and deodarant put on and trys to get the makeup but I have managed to only have to give him a
Glad to hear you heard from Pauline...keeping my fingers crossed you get the news you want.

Kim said...

I will be stalking tomorrow like crazy!!! Can't wait to find out what baby #2 will be.