Friday, February 19, 2010

Brotherly LOVE

Kaleb loves doing stuff to his brother. For instance in the bathtub Kaleb insists on Kamden drinking bathwater b/c they are drinking coffee. He also loves to push his brother, take things away from him, well pretty much you name it and he does it. We keep telling him that very soon Kamden will be bigger than he is. There are only 4 lbs. between them. But in all the chaos they do love one another, and I hope that one day they will be the best of friends!!!


Life has been crazy around here. Some how my 2 boys have strange bacteria growing inside of them. What does this mean? Well I have been taking the lovely fragrant stool samples to the pediatrician for what seems like forever. I am hoping that very soon we will be done with this. We are waiting to hear from the ped on Kamden's latest, and Kaleb needs to be on florastor for Kids, but we can't find it anywhere. If you know what I am talking about please let us know where to buy it. Hopefully soon we will be as close to normal as we will ever get.