Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy 7 months Kamden and more San Antonio Pix!!

Some kids throwing bread for the birds!!!
The state outline on a park bench.

Some artisic work which I thought was great!!!

The River Walk which was awesome!!!

Me trying to take a cool picture!

A building at the Alamo

Random buildings that looked amazing with the crisp blue skies

I love to take pictures of doors!!

My baby!!!! I can't believe that he is 7 months old. It is hard to believe that 7 months ago we were frantically trying to get on the road to meet him and now here we are, one big happy family.

A bit blurry, but sooo sweet!!! The Lord has blessed us beyone measure with our boys. They are definitely the love of our lives!!!! Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

FFF: Theme Fake Out

This is not really a fake out pic but I couldn't do the post without atleast one pic of Kamden!! Yesterday he started saying DaDa which is sooo cute. Of course I am working on the Mmmmms for Momma!! Oh he weighed in at the Ped at almost 20lbs. and they weighed Kaleb with clothes and shoes and he was 29lbs. This little one is truly a chunk!!
The let me eat my happy meal fake smile look.

The fake teeth smile!! Gotta love this one!!

The true fake smile. But this seems to be the norm around here. We are scheduled to have pics done tomorrow and this is how he plans to smile. Look at his little physique. He eats constantly but must burn it off immediately b/c many of his 3T clothes are too big. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

San Antonio!!!!!!

Here is the picture with us and our judge. There were several divorces before our case so everyone was happy when we came along!!! Kamden and Kaleb were at home with family.
The Alamo!!! The weather was beautiful and there are so many great buildings to take pictures of.

The courthouse where everything took place. This courthouse has been here for many many years.

I think this is a catholic church. Many of them have cafes and we ate lunch at one of them. It was fabulous and of course look at the crisp blue skies.

A fountain at La Villeta. We felt like we were in Mexico b/c everything seems to be in spanish. Thank goodness I know enough to get by. We bought some awesome things from Guatemala here for the boys. They will not be wearing the traditional outfits on Easter. I can't wait!! Have a great rest of the weekend!!! I hope that next week will not be as eventful. Sunday I almost passed out at church again and then Tuesday I fell down the stairs. And of course Wed. was the crazy storms that sounded like our house was going to blow away. It will be nice when all my health issues are leveled out. Take care everyone!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pictures take 2

These are just some random pics from last year. Enjoy and there are many more to come!!! Have a great Thursday!!! Friday is almost here and it will be Tim's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Babe!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Pix and More to come

These are some pictures that were taken this past summer and fall!!! We just now got the CD with the pictures on it so that is why we are posting them now. Enjoy!!! Many more pictures to come!!!

OK Blogger is making me really mad!!!! Why won't it download my pix? GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kamden is official!!!

We got home last night from San Antonio and boy are we pooped!!! It was nice to get away, but it was great to get home to our boys. Court was a breeze and the weather there was amazing. We went to the River Walk and the Alamo which were both awesome. There are so many great places to eat there. We even found a few places that the locals go and they were fabulous. Needless to say we are all tired. We slept late this morning and are just hanging out today. Tim, however, had to head to work at 4, but hopefully he won't be gone too long. Kamden was happy to see us. Kaleb was all over the place. He was happy to see us, but didn't necessarily want to go home with us. Not exactly the reaction we had hoped for. Well I have tons of pictures and I promise that you will get to see them very soon. Have a great rest of your weekend!!! Oh I finally joined facebook so you can check me out on there. I just did it today after everyone that I know has one. Eventually I seem to join the crowd!!!