Saturday, February 14, 2009

San Antonio!!!!!!

Here is the picture with us and our judge. There were several divorces before our case so everyone was happy when we came along!!! Kamden and Kaleb were at home with family.
The Alamo!!! The weather was beautiful and there are so many great buildings to take pictures of.

The courthouse where everything took place. This courthouse has been here for many many years.

I think this is a catholic church. Many of them have cafes and we ate lunch at one of them. It was fabulous and of course look at the crisp blue skies.

A fountain at La Villeta. We felt like we were in Mexico b/c everything seems to be in spanish. Thank goodness I know enough to get by. We bought some awesome things from Guatemala here for the boys. They will not be wearing the traditional outfits on Easter. I can't wait!! Have a great rest of the weekend!!! I hope that next week will not be as eventful. Sunday I almost passed out at church again and then Tuesday I fell down the stairs. And of course Wed. was the crazy storms that sounded like our house was going to blow away. It will be nice when all my health issues are leveled out. Take care everyone!!!


Doripink said...

Congratz!!! and PLEASE be careful!!!!

Carrie said...

Oh Kelli. Please take care of yourself. Congrats on Kamden's adoption being finalized. Yeah!

Robyn said...