Saturday, March 8, 2008

Impatiently waiting in a snow storm

Well the lady at the agency didn't give me Pauline and Miguel's new number and by the time I realized this they were done for the day. What does this mean?? We have to wait until Monday!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR This is sooooo frustrating!!!! I know that she didn't intentionally not give it to me, but of all times people. In the mean time we are in the midst of a winter wonderland. We took Kaleb out for a bit, but once the snow started creaping up under his gloves he was not a happy camper. Enjoy the pix and relax Monday will be here soon enough and then we will all know. Have a great weekend!!!!


Christina said...

Sorry you didn't get the news today. I must of checked your blog a million times today. HURRY HURRY Monday.
We also took Aiden out today and he wasn't a happy camper when he got the snow in his gloves...cried I know for 10 minutes after we brought him in.

Kim said...

Isn't this weather crazy? Alex hated, hated, hated the snow. :) I hope Monday gets here quick!!!

JuJu - said...

Hi - LOVE the song on your blog - It always makes me smile and want to dance:):)

Your son is adorable;)