Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Forever Family Day

A beautiful day at the market in Guatemala City.
A nice stroll around the sidewalk of our hotel, the Radisson.

It seems just like yesterday when we were first handed our little 7 1/2 month old son. Kaleb we love you so much and we couldn't imagine our lives without you in it. Of course the terrible 2's are upon us MAJORLY but we would not have it any other way!!!! Happy Forever Family Day!!!! I am not sure exactly how to conjugate this but in spanglish it is Feliz Siempre y Famililia Dia. Slowly I am learning spanish so that Kaleb will one day be fluent. Have an awesome day everyone!!!!


Krystal said...

Happy forever family day :)

Felicitaciones por un ano juntos!!!!

Robyn said...

What precious pics!! Happy Forever Family Day!!


Princess D said...

Beautiful pics. Happy FFD! Tagging you :-)


Sarah said...

Happy Family Day!!! What a happy day!!