Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kaleb 31 months

Before I know it Kaleb is another month closer to 3. It is amazing how quick time is flying by. I remember as a child it seemed like summer lasted forever. Now as an adult before I know it another year has passed. My parents were right, time does go by much quicker when you are an adult!!!
Kaleb had a great time tonight with Daddy at work. The football team has started lifting weights so Kaleb gets to hang out and play with all the big boys. I had some mommy time and went to church for bible study. Hopefully soon we will be able to go on a date. Our last date was our anniversary last summer. We better do it soon as we have a little one on the way. I still can't believe it. I love to sit and look at the ultrasound pictures. They make it seem so real. God is good and He has blessed us beyond measure!!! Have a great night and a happy Monday!!

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Robyn said...

Happy 31 Month Birthday Kaleb!! They definitely grow up too fast!!