Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pampered Chef Fundraiser

We are nearing the end of our pampered chef fundraiser. If any of you need or want anything this is the time to do it. We get 20% of the sales. Go to www.pamperedchef.biz/cynthiafarley Scroll down and click on order items, type in Kelli Pike, enter and then click on Pike Family Adoption. Then you are good to go with the shopping. We are almost done with all the paperwork so that means we are getting ready to make a $13,000 payment and well we don't have that much. We are putting this in God's hands as He can do anything!!! Thanks to anyone who orders and it is our prayer that you are blessed through this. Mucho Gracias!!!

1 comment:

Farrah said...

Kelli hope everything is doing good for you.
And I hope you get those papers turned in soon so we can see this new baby coming your way~!