Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fiesta and Fundraising

Well I am preparing for Kaleb's 2nd birthday fiesta which is this Sat. I was excited to find a fiesta birthday sign in spanish at Garden Ridge. I got lots of little things to put on the table along with some sombrero confetti. I decided against the goody bag and am giving Wiggles coloring books. They were only $1 each and they come with crayons. This is way cheaper and we are on a major budget.
Speaking of budget, our next fundraiser is under way. We are doing a pampered chef fundraiser and I think that it will do really well. We get 20% of the proceeds. Basically you get as many people as you can to take up orders, so the more the merrier. There have been people that have turned in $7000 orders. I am pumped and I hope that it does really well. There is close to $2000 in our adoption fund so we have a ways to go, but it is definitely a good start.
These are some early on baby pics of Kaleb enjoy!!

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Farrah said...

That's great Kelli...I'm so proud that everything is going great. The Birthday party sounds fun I wish we lived closer so I could join..