Saturday, February 9, 2008

The first conversation with Pauline

Kaleb went to sleep and I dosed off and woke up at 3:45. I immediately started feeling nervous. I prayed and began calling. No one was home until ~5:15. My sister and her family were here to keep Kaleb occupied but I sent them home after 5:00. Well of course as soon as they leave I call and they answer. Kaleb was in rare form putting lotion on, licking the lotion, trying to get the lotion off his tongue, etc. Finally I gave him suckers and that helped a bit. The conversation was a bit awkward since this was our first time speaking. I feel like it went well. Next Friday Pauline has an OB appt. and is hoping to get an ultrasound and find out the sex. They seem to be upbeat about the adoption; as upbeat as you can be I suppose. The only thing is that she is not understanding how everything works when the baby is born. I didn't want to be the one to tell her so I will relay this to the agency. Another big thing with her was who is going to name the baby? After discussing it she decided that they will name the baby. No big deal there. I will just have to remember at Dr. appointments. All in all I think that it went well. The plan is to commit this week and then we will just wait for the birth. Thank you sooo much for all the prayers. They definitely helped!!!!


Carrie said...

Wow! I can imagine the first time and through the phone to be awkward and stressful for both parties. Sounds like it went as well as it could.

We will continue to pray for all of you!

Debbie B said...

So glad it went well.

Christina said...

How exciting. Glad things went well. Keep us updated when you hear new things.