Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More Fingerprinting!!!

Well we got our fingerprints done August 7, and the agency emailed today that they had received Tim's clearance but not mine. I called IIS who scans the prints and got transferred like 5 times or more. Finally I talk to Scott who says there is no record of my prints and that they will have to be redone. I told him that they were sent together so they got there together. Nonetheless some goof ball probably tossed them and now I have to get them redone. This is nothing major but it is so irritating to me. I called them back and told them that they cashed our check for 2 prints and that I was not going to send more money. The girl, Toni, was super nice and said to send a letter stating what I discussed with Scott. Luckily this doesn't effect birth mothers being able to look at us and/or choose us.

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Farrah said...

OH Kelli it never fells something has to be redone..I would surely tell them you wanted a rush on them too!

Hang in there Little Miss is probally soon going to be born.