Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I talked to our agency and they have received a copy of our homestudy. Now they have everything. I talked with a lady from our agency on Monday and she said the hispanic adoptions are moving very quickly. Basically we can be picked anytime. My only concern is that we will be picked by more than one b/m and then we will have to choose. How do you choose a b/m??? We will just continue to pray that the Lord will send us who He has chosen for us.

We are pretty much done with Kaleb's big boy room except for the bed skirt and valance which are being made by a friend. I am now filling up the drawers in the nursery with baby clothes that we have gotten from yardsales. The top drawer is gender friendly, the middle is filled with onesies for both, and the bottom is strictly for the girls. We are getting prepared as anything can happen anyday.

Please lift up Krystal, Michael, Gerson, and Elviz in prayer as the ortega law was passed today, and this could majorly affect their progress with the adoption.

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