Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Surgery Update

Yesterday was my first surgery, well first under general anesthesia. I was scared to death and had 2 break downs, but I made it through. I have 2 incisions which hurt much worse than I anticipated. Basically the plan was to detach my uterus, remove scar tissue, a cyst, and possibly a fallopian tube. The Dr. did remove the cyst but everything was totally different. Instead of there being scar tissue I have a very large tumor attached to my uterus. It is actually larger than my uterus and it is pulling it to the right. This is what has been causing me so much pain. The Dr. came out and talked to Tim, and the decision was made to close me up and try meds to shrink this tumor. It is benign so no worries there. I go back the 20th to discuss everything. Please pray that these meds will work. The last thing I want is to be cut back open to remove this thing. Even though I have 3 small incisions, it feels like I have 1 large incision. When they brought me into recovery I expected them to tell me that I had a hysterectomy b/c it felt like 1 huge incision. The boys are back home tonight which is great but hard as they want me to hold them and I can't. Kaleb has asked several times to see where the Dr. cut me. He thinks that it is cool. Kamden is sound asleep and hopefully Kaleb will be soon. He is definitely a party animal and could go all night. Take care and I will post more when I am up to it!!!


Krystal said...

I am glad to hear that it went OK, although I really wish they could have just fixed everything for you! Hopefully the medication will take care of it -- do you have to do these shots?? Get lots of rest and relaxation!

Christina said...

Hope your feeling better real soon and that the meds take care of things. Praying for you.

Carrie said...

I am glad you made it through ok. I am sending you prayers and good thoughts. I wish I was close by and could help you with the boys.

I hope the medication works. Just thank goodness it is benign.

Rest up and feel better. Praying for you to have quick recovery.

Doripink said...

Feel better soon! Praying for a QUICK recovery and NO more surgery!