Thursday, November 20, 2008

Update on Luke

He made is through surgery great. I haven't heard how his night was, but hopefully it was good. The did both procedures on his heart as well as put a pacemaker in. It is not hooked up as of yet. Josh and Cassie want us to pray for a speedy recovery so that they can be back home. Luke is a little fighter so I know that they will be home soon. Please continue to lift them up in prayer.

An update on myself: I went to the Dr. yesterday and he wants me to see a cardiologist so I go Tuesday at 5:15p.m. They are going to perform a tilt test to basically make the vagus nerve overstimulate. This will allow them to know what medication I need to be on. I just want this taken care of as it makes me nervous being at home with the boys. Kaleb is one smart cookie, but I would never want to put him in that situation.

I hope that you are all having a great week. Sorry about slacking in the picture area. I promise there will be some soon. I had to send off our monthly pix and paperwork to the agency, so we have one more month taken care of!!!! Have a great day!!!

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