Friday, November 14, 2008

FFF Kisses

Well I don't have many pictures of kisses, but you can definitely feel the love in these pix. Kaleb and Kamden are getting so big. I think that Kamden will soon be bigger than Kaleb!!! I keep reminding Kaleb of that every time he picks at his brother. We have had a great week except for finding out that I need to have surgery. It is nothing major, but when you have never had surgery they all seem pretty major. I used to work in surgery and loved every minute of it. But I don't want to be the one on the table. Well it could always be worse, and this surgery should take away some pain I have been having. The big day is Jan. 5th so I have a while. Take care and have an awesome weekend. Thanksgiving will be here soon and then Christmas. Yikes, I better get busy!!!!!!


MICHELLE said...

What cute boy's and I love the last picture-too cute!!

Sarah said...

Your boys are too smoochable! Love that last picture!

Good luck with the surgery... that stinks!

Doripink said...

soooooo stinkin; cute!
In the picture with you and Kamden...he looks just like you!

Carrie said...

I love the love in the photos. The last one is precious. Yes, US born children are much bigger than our Guate Tots!

I am so sorry to hear you have to have surgery. I have never had to either and would like to keep it that way. Of course, if you are in pain and this can help, it is for the best. Hope it is minor and you will be quickly recovered. At least it is after the holidays.

Robyn said...

How adorable!!