Monday, June 16, 2008

House news

Well we sold our house and we bought one on Saturday. We close for both on July 11. We have sooo much going on. We have to pack up, move, and be ready for a baby on July 31st or earlier. YIKES!!!!! We are excited and our nerves have calmed down quite a bit. Pauline has an appt. with the OB tomorrow. She is hoping to persuade her to do another ultrasound so we know how much Kamden weighs. Hopefully she will succeed. It is so hard to believe that we will have a baby in 6 weeks. There are still things that I need to buy, but for the most part we are prepared. One thing that I really want is a sling or a wrap, whatever you call it. I just know that they come in pretty colors, and I have heard that they are great. If anyone knows a place to get these at a great price please let me know. If there is anything major to post about Pauline's appt. I will do so tomorrow. She has been having some braxton hicks contractions so hopefully she will go a bit early. Let the craziness begin!!!!


Debbie B said...

Congratz on the house! What a great time to be moving. :-) I hope it all goes well.
I've tried to find an affordable sling I like but haven't yet. Walmart has one for $30 that seemed great but didn't fit me right. But it'd returnable if you don't like it.

Carrie said...

Wow! Congrats on the new house! This will make the time go very fast!

Good luck! Love and prayers and happy thoughts for all of you!

Soltana said...

WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO on the house!!

Moving will make your time go fast until that new cuteness gets here!!!