Friday, June 20, 2008

FFF Me and My Daddy

Tim has been out of town this week and boy has Kaleb missed his daddy. He loves to wrestle so I thought that it would make him happy if I did that. Not so much. He told me not to get rough with him!!! I guess that moms aren't meant to wrestle!!! Luckily he will be home tomorrow.

Pauline entered her 34th week yesterday and we are still looking at July 31st for Kamden to be here. We have decided to drive as flying is way too expensive. Our plan is to take 2 days to drive and get there on the 30th. She goes back to the OB on the 30th of this month. Hopefully the OB will have more info for us. Have a great weekend!!!


Leslie said...

Love the Daddy son pics! Your son is sooo cute!

Amy said...

Love, love, love the last photo. There is just something special about pictures taken from behind...very candid and sentimental.

Marianne said...

Love the beach picture. Very sweet memories! Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

Love that beach picture too... so sweet!

Exciting times coming up! Can you believe that it is almost time to welcome your new little arrival? Rest up, Mommy!

Dena said...

precious! looks like there's always fun at your house!

Robyn said...

What precious pics!! Tim looks like a great daddy!!


Becca said...

So sweet - looking forward to reunion pictures!

Peace and Hugs,

Soltana said...

How cute!!

Derek doesn't like when I wrestle with him either.:( Maybe it's just a daddy thing:)

Glad all is going well and your new bundle will be here soon!!!

Carrie said...

Love the photos. I am so behind after we were in NJ and I did not do too much on the computer and then there was so much to catch up with at home.

I don't wrestle either and I will make a note of that for our little boy. We will leave that to the dads. That is so fun.

It is getting close to the arrival of Kamden!