Thursday, January 3, 2008


This is a picture of all the kids on my side of the family. Kaleb is the youngest as you can tell and he is #8. I am hoping to make it to #10. I am the youngest so the numbers are all up to me!!
This is my FFF. One of our friends gave Kaleb a tent with a tunnel. This is Kaleb in the tunnel. He loved it until it feel down.
I hope that the new year has started off well for everyone!!! We are doing well. Hopefully we will have some good news to share soon!!! Kaleb is going through a major clumsy spell. He has fell I don't know how many times and today he decided to lean off the couch to grab the coffee table and ended up with a bloody nose. We are worried that he is going to have a concussion soon. Our house is slowly getting back in order. The tree just got taken down, but we still need to put everything somewhere and the lights are on outside. Now we just need to bigger house for all the stuff, Kaleb's stuff that is. Oh well, he is having a blast with all of his Christmas goodies. Have a great Friday!!!


Carrie said...

I love those kind of pictures when they are coming through a tunnel.

I read in the toddler book that they get clumsy after 2 because they are not paying attention to their walking and movements so much because they are good at it, so they get hurt more because they are not watching where they are going.

Sarah said...

Kaleb is too cute in his tunnel!!

Robyn said...

What an adorable pic!! Hope to see some good news posted from you soon!!


Becca said...

Cool tunnel! And what a cutie!

Momma to Ella