Thursday, July 12, 2007

The aquarium, painting pottery, and Thursday Night Live

We had a great day at the Newport Aquarium on Wednesday. Kaleb loved it. They won't let you take strollers but for free they have these carriers that allow you to carry the child on your back. Kaleb thought that it was great. I fed the larakeets and petted a shark. Amazingly the shark doesn't feel slimy, but very rough and hard. We ended the day with some shopping (Pottery Barn Kids had some great deals) and the Cheesecake Factory. It was a great day!!

Today we went and painted pottery. Well Kaleb did his hand print and I did the rest, but it was fun. Sorry no pix of that. We went downtown to Thursday Night Live where they have vendors and music. The weather was great and they had kettle corn. Kaleb got a balloon airplane but shortly after it was busted. We had a great time and now Kaleb is sound asleep. I dread Tim going back to work Monday because all the fun will end.

Tomorrow is the big day as our application will go out. I need to call and get our birth certificates and all that jazz. And so the paper trail begins.

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