Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time Going By Way Too Fast

Kaleb very happy after defeating the big kids slide!!!!
Kamden is just happy to be getting ready for breakfast. This boy loves to eat!!!

Today is July 16th and in 1 month our big baby will be 4 and next week our not so little baby will be 1. It is so hard to believe!!!! Where did the time go???? Next year we will be preparing for Kaleb to start Kindergarten. The thought makes me want to cry. The last few years I have watched the neighborhood kids get on the bus the first day of school and I always cry. I know that he is excited about going, but I know that it will be hard to let go. Letting our kids grow up is not an easy task. But unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. We just need to be there for every minute so that we can relish in everything they do and say. The Lord has so richly blessed us with the job of being our children's parents. They are each little gifts just waiting to blossom in this big world. Take care and take time to enjoy every minute possible with your little gifts!!!! Happy Thursday everyone!!!!


Vanessa said...

Time really does go by WAY too fast!! My baby girl will already be 3 at the end of the month and I wonder where that little pink bundle has gone!

Doripink said...

Hi Sweetie! The boys are getting SO big and more handsome everyday! Kamden is just WAY too cute!!!! Love all the pictures! I still blog (a lot) but get VERY few comments. I di it more for me (especially my weight-loss blog) and I way to vent!
Keep in touch!
Love ya-Dori