Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Terrific Thursday

Here is a look at the wonderful enjoyment you receive while eating a cinnamon roll and then the not so great looks you get while feeding your baby cereal for the first time. Kaleb loves his cinnamon rolls and Kamden detests eating his cereal with a spoon. I have relented to putting it in his bottle. We tried it again this week and he still seems to hate the texture. Well we will keep trying and hopefully eventually he will enjoy it!!!! I forgot to post Kamden's stats from his 4 month check: weight 16lbs. 1oz. length 24 1/2 " He is probably close to 17lbs. now. The boy loves to eat. Kaleb is right at 30lbs. so Kamden is definitely quite the chunk. I keep telling Kaleb that Kamden will get him back very soon for all the pesturing!! Have a great day everyone!!


Farrah said...

That is too funny!
He is a chunker but he will slim down in about a year.

They are so cute and I hope your family has a Merry Christmas

Christina said...

OMGosh I want to kiss Kamden's cheeks and do you blame the poor little guy for not liking that crud? LOL.