Friday, October 10, 2008

FFF Octoberfest

Fall around here means taking a trip to the pumpkin patch, local festivals, playing dress up, and of course UK/EKU football. This is Kamden's first fall so this post is all about Kaleb, but we will start his fall tradition next week. I hope that each of you have had a great week and will have an awesome weekend. Take care, be safe, and have fun!!! God Bless each of you!!!!


Hannah said...

What a doll baby!! Love his costume but...We are a UofL family so I am not going to comment on the football picture. LOL.

Have a great weekend.


Soltana said...

Oh my it's been forever since I checked in with you guys. I know I'm a bad blogger pal.

I can't believe how big the boys are getting..Both of them!!

I LOVE the UK pic:) Looks like you guys are having fun:)
We were gonna try to get down this year to an EKU game, since we know a player:) But, well, this summer/fall and been CRAZY!! Maybe next season:)

Hugs to you all

MICHELLE said...

Kaleb looks so cute in all of those pumpkins.

Carrie said...

I think every baby has been the cuddly bear and they are all SO cute as it.

I am so excited for you to take 2 boys to get pumpkins this year. Whoo Hoo! We will hopefully be having 2 in our pumpkin wagon next year.

That last photo is so cute. I just adore those photos where they are all bundled up and you just see that little face peeking through.

Terri said...

What a cutie! Cute picture in the pumkpins!

Robyn said...

What great pics!! I love the ones with the pumpkins!!