Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A not so stressful Tuesday

Sunday morning was totally unexpected as Tim's sugar levels ended up dropping dramatically without warning and he passed out. This has never happened so I called 911. They were super nice and even though Tim was furious with me, I was glad that I called them. After he ate his level was at 41, so it had dropped extremely low. Thankfully he is great and all is well. The problem was that his pancreas still functions and decided to kick in after he took his insulin. He is type 1 1/2 which makes things a little different.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with the boys at Kaleb's Ped. appt. Normally we are in and out, but we were there 2 1/2 hours. Poor Kaleb had a wart removed, his finger pricked, and then more blood drawn at the lab. They thought that he was iron deficient, but the nurse called this morning and he is good to go.

I am soo thankful that nothing major is going on the rest of this week. I am wore out to say the least. I need to head to the grocery store but I may put off until Tim gets home from work. The only frustrating thing from today is me trying to print off pix to send to the agency. My memory card hold alot of pictures and it is only showing 30. I think that it is going to just be one of those weeks where i just can't seem to win!!! Oh well, if we didn't have struggles we wouldn't be alive!! Have a great day and enjoy the pix. When I download the pictures that were taken of the boys I will post them. They are great!!!!


Jennifer said...

WOW! How scary... but I think it was best to call 9-1-1!! So glad that you all are getting settled into a good routine! They are adorable...precious...and I can't wait to get to see you all!

Christina said...

So glad Tim is ok. Love the top picture of the boys and the one of the three of you.

Carrie said...

Glad Tim is ok and that Kaleb made it through his ordeal ok too.

Love that first photo and the one of you your boys too.

Take a deep breath and why don't you look into grocery delivery--do you have Peapod in your area? Makes life so much easier and I don't think it is more expensive because you can get discounted delivery most of the time and no impulse buying! I love it!

Doripink said...

So glad Tim is better...so scary!
Your boys are soooo stinkin' cute!!!

Debbie B said...

The boys look great. I like the picture with you.

So glad you did call and Tim is okay. Hope the rest of the week has gone better.