Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mid week update

We are doing great!!! Kaleb is with his Daddy at the Science Museum so I know they are having a blast. He is all into dinosaurs and was very excited to see them in person. Kamden goes back to the Ped. tomorrow for a second heal stick which I dread. Then we are going to meet Pauline and Michael for lunch. I hope that all goes well. All this waiting is driving us all crazy!!!! We are hoping to be able to leave by Friday but who knows!!!! Have a great day and I will update more later. More pics will be posted later!!!! Keep leaving the comments b/c I love reading them!!!


Krystal said...

Now, Kel, if you're gonna update you HAVE TO post pics of that little bundle of cuteness :) :) :)

I hope that the ped appt and lunch goes well tomorrow. Hopefully you will be able to head home soon!!!

Farrah and Jed said...

Yeah I'm hoping for you to head home soon too!

It has to get boring sitting in a hotel all day!!! ACK

I hope all goes well with Lunch, I'm sure that has to feel ackward, it would for me at least!! :):):)

Doripink said...

I second dare you post with no pictures!!! You know we love you...but cuteness comes first!

Sarah said...

LOL! I was thinking the same thing... jipped on the update without all that cuteness leading the way!!

Good luck at the lunch and at the doctor!

Christina said...

Can't wait for you guys to get home and settled in.

You are braver then me on the lunch

JuJu - said...

Oh I do hope you guys get to leave Friday -
I remember holding Abby Grace and waiting to know that everything was FINAL -
the waiting and not knowing - legally knowing - is pretty tough
tougher than my heart was perpared for - that is for sure!
You sit on a fence -
guarding your heart - yet loving that baby
while you are so sensitive to the other people involved - because their heart is involved too -

it is a tough road and

kiss his sweet little cheeks for us:)